Atlas Orthogonal Care Helped My Depression

The following was written by our patient, Shelley W.

Shelley, thank you for sharing your story.

"Before my first visit to the Atlas and Spine Center of Greater Washington, my neck was making an odd and disturbing noise when I turned my head - had nothing to do with the reason I continue going: depression. Being from upstate NY, I’d always been affected by [sadness]. Being female, I’d experienced hormonal swings. My past treatment for depression was been very traditional - months of talk therapy during which the therapist and my doctor urged me to try antidepressants. I arrived to Dr. Leslie Windman ready to experience a less-vigorous chiropractic approach to my neck noise, not realizing that much more was afoot.

While I’d heard about Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic for years from two trusted friends, I was still very skeptical about how such a minimally invasive approach could have an impact. My experiences with traditional chiropractic were very positive but one of the adjustments was simply awful so I decided to try a different approach, Atlas Orthogonal. The treatments ended my neck noise, and I started to visit Dr. Leslie Windman as need necessitated, sometimes not coming in for months.

During one of my hiatuses, my therapist and I realized that I had grown extremely depressed, that the antidepressants were no longer effective. I was also out [of alignment, a term used by Dr. Leslie Windman], and noticed that after my adjustment, my depression lifted. I mentioned this to Dr. Leslie and she suggested I consider an Atlas Orthogonal approach to treating depression. Concerned both about the long term possible effects of being on drugs and the declining efficacy of the pills, after consulting with my therapist, I decided to wean off the drugs and see if the Atlas adjustments would work. Over time, we both agreed that it was as, if not more, effective than the prescribed drugs.

Since then, I’ve found that my depression becomes acute when my Atlas is out of alignment. While everyone is different, in adding to extreme melancholy and exhaustion, my depression manifests itself in thoughts of death, dying, and suicide. It is like night and day: I’m out of alignment and regularly think about death; I’m in, and such thoughts don’t enter my consciousness.

While I’ve seen many dramatic results from chiropractic treatment – both traditional and Atlas – and with the rise of suicides and PTSD, my sincere wish is that the Atlas Orthogonal treatment method becomes more widely known and accessible. There are no negative side effects to the treatment, but there are many positive side effects including positive thinking, more focus, less stress and more. I believe there are other people like me – in every age group – who have experienced positive results using Atlas Orthogonal to treat depression. I encourage the medical community to do further research to document the results of this non-invasive, non-addicting treatment method."

- Shelley W.

Patient of Drs. Leslie and Michael Windman at the Atlas and Spine Center of Greater Washington.