Welcome To Our Atlas Orthogonal Blog!

We here at the Atlas and Spine Center of Greater Washington are excited to introduce our new, streamlined website! Our goal is to help you understand the big question: "What is Atlas Orthogonal care?"

Drs. Leslie and Michael Windman, for over thirty years, have been practicing chiropractic in Maryland. Their patients vary in age, starting from 3-week-old babies to those in their 90s as health begins from birth and continues with us throughout our lives.

Patients are treated for a variety of symptoms, and many are treated simultaneously. If you suffer from and are seeking treatment for migraines and headaches, treatment for concussion, treatment after care accident, and more, we implore you to look around our website to see how we can help you feel better using Atlas Orthogonal care.

We look forward to sharing success stories, health tips, and more with you on this blog. So stay posted! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook for all things Atlas Orthogonal!