Many patients come to our office having been ill for many years. They report not feeling themselves and are very frustrated and often depressed. They have spent many years and enormous sums of money on tests and treatments only to be told nothing is wrong. If this sounds like your story or experience, please call us. It is truly wonderful when a patient says, "it is so great to be me again!"


Headaches & Migraines

Headaches and migraines are the #1 reason people seek Atlas Orthogonal care. After all medical tests have been performed and the results are normal, patients do not get enough relief from drugs, therapy or injections. Often times a fall or injury preceded the headaches. Atlas Orthogonal requires us to question the history of trauma, even those that seem minimal. We look for the cause of the mechanical disruption to the atlas or craniocervical junction.


Today, when a person gets a concussion, they are often told to go to a concussion center. Unfortunately, the majority of these centers don’t perform any treatment on the patient: they merely do an exam and monitor the patient, for months or even up to a year.  This creates a delay in treatment and can exacerbate the patient’s condition. Through our decades of clinical observation, we know that faster treatment brings faster healing.

Injuries & Accidents

Atlas Orthogonal has been proven to treat those suffering after an accident or injury. Whether it’s a childhood fall, sports injury, concussion, car accident or fall on ice, the common factor is a change to the structure of the cervical spine. In many cases the injury or accident may not have seemed very severe.  You may have walked away thinking everything was fine. But slowly over time - weeks, months, or even years later you are in bad shape and can’t remember the accident that caused it all.

Anxiety & Depression

We have seen many people rise from the depths of despair - even those who are pre-suicidal - rebound to once again live a life of wellness and joy. The longer we are ill, we shift from wellness to dysfunction and then ultimately to disease. As physical health is lost, the mental emotional state falters. We can help treat your anxiety and depression without the use of medication through Atlas Orthogonal. As we consistently tell our patients, first we must take care of the physical in order to give our emotions a fighting chance.

Neck and Back Pain (& Herniations)

Atlas Orthogonal effectively resolves neck, low back and hip pain by rebalancing the spine in a global way. When the Atlas vertebrae or craniocervical junction has been mechanically changed from falls and injuries, the entire body balance is impacted. Having one ear higher, one shoulder higher, or one hip higher usually results in a leg length discrepancy and is caused by the Atlas having shifted. The Atlas Orthogonal procedure can rebalance the entire spine, by restoring the body balance and removing the unequal pressure from the low back and pelvis.

Brain Fog & Dizziness

One of the top symptoms patients describe resolving with the Atlas Orthogonal Procedure is brain fog. Atlas Orthogonal maximizes brain function, restoring clarity, concentration, and positive-thought processes by normalizing neurological, vascular and the cerebrospinal flow to the brain. Patients describe it as if a cloud has lifted from their lives.


Job Function

Atlas Orthogonal has been proven effective in restoring physical and mental performance in patients. Many patients finally research Atlas Orthogonal when they find they can no longer function at work. Their work performance is suffering, they miss deadlines and tasks, and even have a negative attitude with coworkers and their boss. This all comes from physical pain and can be treated.


The imbalance in the flow of the neurological, vascular and cerebrospinal fluids in and around the brain can be the root cause of vertigo. Many of those who suffer from vertigo report lessening or resolution of symptoms following the Atlas Orthogonal procedure.

In addition, changes to the balance of the structures of the cranium, jaw and ear caused by the Atlas mechanical dysfunction can be resolved using the Atlas Orthogonal procedure.


Whether petit mal or grande mal, Atlas Orthogonal has proven effective in reducing or alleviating seizures. Restoring normal neurological, vascular and cerebrospinal fluid flow to the brain using the Atlas Orthogonal procedure has helped many who suffer from seizures.


Has your child had a sports injury and months later you noticed they're failing in school, are uninvolved socially, falling into depression with anxiety, and are no longer able to play sports? If this sounds familiar, please bring your child in for Atlas Orthogonal care at the time of injury. There may have been a change in the structure that therefore affects not only their performance but their mood, behavior, and brain function. Healing and treatment for injuries is possible, if you know where to turn.