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Our most frequently asked questions, answered for you!


What do I do if my doctor says nothing is wrong?


This is our classic case. When a patient is not well and all medical tests including MRI, CT, and CAT scans are normal. This is the time to come to us.  Many times past trauma and injuries are the culprit.  Often these symptoms don't cause problems for years. 


Do I need a referral?


We are primarily a referral practice from the medical and dental communities. However, if you feel the Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical technique may be your answer, please call.


Why is your treatment different?


Atlas Orthogonal is the most gentle, highly sophisticated method to realign the Atlas vertebrae (C1). This vertebrae is the key to biomechanical balance, as well as  neurological, vascular and cerebrospinal flow normalization. 


I feel like I am not myself. Why?


It is common for many patients with chronic neurological dysfunction due to the Atlas imbalance to feel this way. It can cause emotional as well as physical symptoms.