“Wellness starts with a moment of clarity. Sometimes it's a flashback or a memory...and that something gives us a glimpse into who we were, before…”

Dr. Windman

Atlas Orthogonal


The Atlas Orthogonal Treatment, is a painless, drug-less, non-invasive treatment proven to provide effective outcomes for a multitude of health issues. The Cervico Cranial (Atlas) Junction, located at the top of your spine can often be a major underlying cause behind issues such as headaches, chronic pain, neck and back pain, and chronic fatigue among others. The spinal cord is the extention of the brain and plays a vital role in proper function of the human body.

If the very top of the spine (Atlas or C1) that directly connects with the brain is misaligned, the entire spine loses its proper alignment, causing compensation and knocking the head and body out of balance.  The Atlas Orthogonal procedure rebalances the spine and normalizes neurological, vascular and cerebrospinal flow and can resolve issues even such as brain fog, depression, and nerve issues.

The Atlas Orthogonal treatment begins with an evaluation of the patient, including questions that can identify all symptoms and injuries clearly. X-rays  are taken to determine the degree of misalignment and analysis of imbalances. A customized treatment plan is designed for each individual patient based on their specific symptomatic picture. Dr. Windman has been utilizing the Atlas Orthogonal Percussive Instrument, which is FDA cleared, for over 20 years with the thousands of patients that have come through her door.


Meet Dr. Leslie

In this video, Dr. Leslie Windman shares with you her motto about treating trauma through the use of Atlas Orthogonal care.