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Atlas Orthogonal Upper Cervical Care

Concussions, headaches, migraines, neck pain, peripheral neuropathies and TMJ dysfunction are quite common these days. The stressful lives we lead, incorrect posture, sports injuries- including concussions, and car accidents may be some of the major causes of these symptoms. Painkillers, antibiotics, or surgeries are usually prescribed to the patients.


However, most patients and their physicians are unaware of a conservative, non-invasive, drugless treatment that may provide effective outcomes for these symptoms.

Nonsurgical, Drugless Approach to Healthcare

Our team is dedicated to providing the best care possible. Drs. Leslie and Michael Windman work in collaboration with each patient to customize the most effective treatment protocol necessary to assist the patient in returning to wellness and recovery.  



If you are interested in exploring whether Dr. Windman will accept your case, please call our office to set up your first appointment. Our staff will be happy to assist you!  

If you've been told "it's all in your head," give us a call!

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Atlas Orthogonal Overview

"Many patients come to our office having been ill for many years. They report not feeling themselves and are very frustrated and often depressed. They have spent many years and enormous sums of money on tests and treatments only to be told nothing is wrong.  


If this sounds like your story or experience, please call us. It is truly wonderful when a patient says, "it is so great to be me again!"  


Dr. Leslie Windman




We take pride in treating individuals and their families!
Patients are Referred for:



Brain Fog


Depression/Loss of Self


Injuries and Accidents


Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

Hip, Neck, and Low Back Pain




TMJ Dysfunction



Herniated Disks






Pediatric fever syndrome


...and more


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